Wemo Operator 2.0

A digital factory workspace, built with the TWNKLS HoloLib.

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Wasp Phobia

A therapeutic hololens experience to overcome phobia for wasps.

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Twnkls HoloLib is a free small Hololens framework for use inside Unity3D.

This framework provides:

  • A demo application.
  • Easy setup.
  • Fast development cycle.
  • Support for interactivity.
  • Support for spatial mapping.
  • Support for gaze interactions.
  • Support for voice controls.

Developing for Hololens.

Learn how to develop a basic Hololens application.

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Designing for Hololens.

Discover what it takes to design a Hololens application.

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Standalone or Wide field-of-view HMD?

Explore the key differences of the Microsoft Hololens versus other competitors.

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